Hooray! It’s lovely to have you here and welcome to Online Gorgeous.

hooray-fairyWe are going to take your brand and zing it up with a great big dollop of personality. No matter what you are starting with, you will end up with a gorgeous brand that you can apply throughout all your marketing, a fab website that will work for YOU, an integrated and perfectly focused listbuilding funnel and a perfectly designed social face to take it all to market.

All you need is:

  • YOU – you are your business’s biggest asset and you won’t be able to hide behind your brand.
  • YOUR KNOWLEDGE – this is what makes you and your biz unique. Don’t underestimate what you know!
  • YOUR EXPERTISE – you have SO much to share … this is just the start!

Other items you may need to buy:

  • Hosting – I will tell you how to set up your hosting and domain name in module 2 so don’t panic if you haven’t got it set up yet. Hosting costs around £120 for 3 years (some plans are cheaper, some pricier but I’ll take you through some options).

    I like using Siteground for my hosting as all the websites I build on there are fast loading and the support is great. Here is my affiliate link

  • Domain name – Often free with the hosting but otherwise can cost approx £9.99 for a year
  • WordPress theme – I will be demoing using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes (cost $89 with 1 year support) because it is so easy to make things look gorgeous. All design templates are created for this theme but a lot of the course is still very helpful if you decide to choose another theme. If you haven’t got Divi already you can buy it here (affiliate link).